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I draw America meets Don't sit Home & vice versa

A few Days after my arrival, I went on the beautiful Terrace of the New Whitney Museum and drew the great Meatpacking District. I posted it like usually on twitter and my brand new Instagram account @idrawamerica.
Only a Week later, I had the amazing surprise to be on one of the official Tweeter and Instagram Official Account of the New Whitney Museum in NYC!!!

Then I happened to be followed and contacted by amazing People and Professional such as the Chocolatiers Jacqueline and Michaël Recchiuti, Interior architect Kate Raizenberg or the CEO and Founder Amanda Morisson's who tells the whole story on her very good Don't Sit Home Website!

And after the New Whitney Museum, both following Places did also spread the word…

This is America… And I like it so much!!!

I draw America meets Don't sit Home & vice versa
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